The Prestige

Posted on: October 20, 2006

Today’s the third day The Prestige is screening in Singapore. It’s fortunate that I have a credit card to book tickets for my 3 friends and I because it was an almost full house. 4 of us, Zhuang Qiang, Hong Yi, Yi San and I, got middle seats that has a comfortable view of the screen and our row was fully seated.

The whole storyline revolves around Rupert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Bale Christian), two rival magicians.

Rupert and Alfred were competitive friends when they were no-name magicians. During a performance, Alfred killed Rupert’s wife. Since then, both became enemies and start their till-death-do-we-stop competition.

In revenge for his wife, Rupert sabotaged Alfred during his Bullet Catch performance and Alfred lost a few fingers which could be the end of his magic career. In return, Alfred also busted Rupert’s first performance.

The story picks up when Alfred performs his ultimate magic trick, Transported Man. Rupert goes on to try find Alfred’s trick of the performance. Explanations were given to Alfred however he rejects the simple solutions.

The rivalry continues with more obsession and deceit, which led to the crippling of Rupert’s left leg, his repeated death, the imprisonment of Alfred, damages to surrounding people and finally both their deaths.

Brilliant acting by Hugh Jackman, Bale Christian and the claimed stellar cast of The Prestige. The movie was full of twists and turns which actually confused me at first but it cleared up slowly towards the end of the movie. Wonderful production by the Nolan Brothers. Definitely a worthy movie to be watched another few more times as there’s more details to the storyline.


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After the movie, we had coffee at Coffee Bean Paragon while chatting over our lives and past experiences until 11.30 PM. I walked them to Orchard MRT before strolling Orchard Road alone. My parents have gone to Zouk tonight and because I wasn’t wearing long pants, I couldn’t join after my movie… So I am waiting for them to come fetch me home…

Finally got up the car around 12.30 AM, had drive-in Double Cheeseburger and Ice Milo at KAP before coming home and tucking in…

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