NP Fashion Week Oct 2006

Posted on: October 17, 2006

School reopened yesterday. Sitting in the canteen for 5 hours waiting for BA Cares Main Committee meeting was NO joke. I was seated, facing into Canteen 1. Good view, bad scenery. Haze seemed like PSI300 to me rather than the PSI130…

I couldn’t possibly stare into my laptop for that 5 straight hours. I did some stuff, chatted and of course look up into the canteen while doing so… It didn’t took me long to realise it was Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Semestral Fashion Week for October 2006. Actually, I noticed it early in the morning at 7+ AM before going for I&E…

You have guessed correct, everyone seems to be dressing to their top for these 2 days. The Year 1s are coming back for their second semester at school and I guess some of them are getting into the culture…

In conclusion, the Semestral Fashion Week is usually much more colourful, appealing, attractive, interesting and whatever on the second semester of the year…


And so I got to meet some of my new classmates today. I don’t think it’s full attendance, so we will have to wait until next week when Tutorials start.

Everyone was feeling clique-ish more or less today. Zhi Wen, Guan Hong and me were together and didn’t tried to socialise or talk to our new classmates… The girls don’t seem friendly… I guess there might not be such a need…?

We also got to our first lecture of the semester today. Managerial Accounting by Mrs Yong Bee Leng at LT68E. It is our first time having lectures are LT68. Have a peek at it…

It is so so so much different from our usual LTs at LT2_ and LT45. Look at those yellow and red cushioned chairs… NO! I mean couches! It’s more like a Movie Theatre than a Lecture Theatre… As we can see from those overhead lightings, it’s a multi-purpose Theatre…

Lecture was good today. Mrs Yong was jovial, loud and clear. I am sure I will enjoy the lectures if I don’t fall asleep… Actually I won’t… The couches seem confortable right? Actually, it’s quite impossible for me to doze off because I cannot find a comfortable position… Oh well…

And so, I didn’t fall asleep despite being so tired perhaps from the blardy HAZE… I fell asleep on the bus ride home and couldn’t wake at the interchange… Luckily, Zhi Wen woke me…

2 Responses to "NP Fashion Week Oct 2006"

Care to share any pictures of fashion week? 😀

Unfortunately, I don’t have any…

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