No Point?

Posted on: October 14, 2006

It was a long and booooorrrrinnnggg day… Woke up at around 11 and came online. Had lunch and continued being online, surfing around and chatting on MSN…

It was around 3 PM when I finally decided there was nothing to do online and got off to watch TV… Cable TV can pass time but it was still boring…

The haze was very bad today… The PSI was constantly above 100 after noon.

Had dinner at 5.30 PM, bathed and continued to watch TV until 7.20 PM. Got down to the bus stop to wait for Plic and Pwing… They were late as usual… I think I am getting used to their latecoming… I seriously should consider going down 15 minutes later than agreed time next time…

We were going to meet up Pwong at school to give Pong, who’s performing a concert, a surprise. We all started discussing about why we were going to the concert… Apparently, none of us had a point to go to the concert… But actually there was a point, the most important point, we are going to the concert to meet up with our beloved P Council members…

After the concert ended, the 6 of us went to Hoover Court. We had supper at Five Star before returning home…

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