Cambodia Tomorrow

Posted on: September 25, 2006

In another 12 hours, I will be meeting up with 23 others at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, Row 5.

In another 15 hours, I will be flying off on JetStarAsia 3K591 heading towards Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In another 17 hours, I will be on a never-stepped-before foreign land, away from my family and home.


Approximately 4 months ago, I retrieved a SERVE Cambodia 2006 form. I filled it and handed it up, even without the company of my friends.

It is going to be an opportunity of a lifetime.
An opportunity to journey through from 1st World to 3rd World.
An opportunity to widen my viewpoints and thoughts.

Pictures speakth a thousand words.
In pictures, we see smiles before a Singaporean skyline.
In pictures, we see smiles before a Cambodian village.
We live in high-rise buildings, they might not have a house.
We pick on food, they might be starving.
We wear branded, they wear rags.
But do you see any differences on those smiles?

No. Despite the differing lifestyles, we all wear the same smiles. In fact, I think their smiles come more often than ours… They are contented if they have a roof, clothes and food. We never get contented and continue chasing after more money, bigger houses, better food and more branded.

I ask myself, “Do we have the right to judge that we are leading a more right, better lifestyle than the Cambodians? Is it definitely better if they develop and live our lives? While the Cambodians have their problems, we have our own problems too. Will it be better if they live our lives, are exposed to our problems and become as glum as we are? Will they be better off being status quo?”.

Think again, our main objective for the trip is perhaps service-learning and personal development. Our secondary objective is to help the childcare centres build requested facilities.

We are there to learn and realise ourselves…

15 days, Waffle shall be left empty…


3 Responses to "Cambodia Tomorrow"

take care =)

take care there! hope u enjoy ur trip juz like i did b4 🙂

Bon vayage my fren! 🙂

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