Yellow Ribbon Concert

Posted on: September 22, 2006

After Friends @ St Hilda’s Link, Pwing, Plic, Alex and me went to Army Market at Beach Road. They made some last-minute shopping before our Cambodia trip and had dinner there.

I had Char Siew Rice and after that, treated everyone to Ah Balling. It wasn’t really as good as before because the thicker flour and lesser fillings but still nice.

We rushed back to Lavender MRT Station and rushed to Expo afterthat. We were going to the Yellow Ribbon Concert at 8.00 PM but seats at 7 PM.

On the way, we made many many jokes. Tanah Merah to Tana Nana! Tampines to Ten-p*nis. Telly Tumbles to Teriyaki. Of course, the word of the day, SOB. We were laughing like MOH-Breakers…

We were the earliest to reach among our SERVE Cambodia team so we “chopped” some seats for the others which turned out to be insufficient and we had to change seats later.

Pwing was so upset that the others took so long to arrive and we had to thicken our skins to “chop” the seats for so long but not use it at the end. She got better later when we brought out the jokes again.

The others finally came and Mildred’s sister and friend were sitting behind me… The two Voices of Doom!

They were do high during the concert that they kept screaming, laughing and whistling (more like blowing hurricanes into the back of my head…). The people around us were somewhat irritated but that’s what a concert should be, isn’t it?

After the concert, not going to blog about certain matters, we got home safe and sound. I mean in one piece after the rackle behind me…


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