Posted on: September 10, 2006

I went to cut my hair with Pwong on Thursday. Orient at Marina Square. It cost $36 but $29 after discounts. I would say it was worth it because a lot of hair got off my head. Even the Stylist actually passed a comment, “A lot of hair hor…?”.

On Friday, there was National Accounting Quiz which I was supposed to be the Usher for Monk’s Hill and Montfort Secondary School. After the boring half-day NAQ, I rocketed to Jian Zhou’s Birthday Chalet. I couldn’t wait longer to meet my beloved Kum Gong PiVes.

The most eventful thing I did during the chalet was perhaps Night Cycling. Pwong, Piak, Plic and me went Night Cycling last night and arrived back at the chalet early this morning at 3.30 AM.

We cycled from Pasir Ris to Singapore Indoor Stadium. I am grateful I didn’t fall into any drains on the way…

My buttocks hurt from the constant bumps, my palms swell from the long gripping on the handles, my legs ache from the long distance.


After this few days at the chalet with Plic, Piak, Pwing, Pwong, Yan Ping and Mabia, they actually conclude I am a 少爷 (Young Master)… I cannot BBQ properly. I take long baths and I seem to have no worries…

That means, every aspect of my life is so well taken care of that I can simply just live happily ever after…

I cannot BBQ but I can do the dishes, sweep the floor… I always bathe for half an hour, bathing took me 13 minutes at the chalet, I don’t think I can be any faster than 10 minutes…

During the 2 to 3 days, everyone took turns to get emotional or “emo”. Over love, over problems and events happening in their lives and everything you can think of. I was the only one that never seem to get emo during the chalet. They say I am cold-blooded… They say I have nothing to worry about…

It’s not that I have no worries and no problems. I can only say much had happened in the past which somehow made me this way. I have learnt how to take things as it is and not expect more. I would have to admit, these are my better years in my Life…

I think I will always be Dickson the 少爷…


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