Regarding my Birthday

Posted on: September 2, 2006

I received a letter today… On the envelope, it was addressed to…

Wow… Technically speaking, considering my whole family, I am 周家少爷煜森

Ok, never mind. I opened up and in it was a Birthday card, well wishes and 2 Red Packets…

The two lines of Chinese basically means for me to go for my SERVE Cambodia trip happily and return safely.

I called the couple, that brought me up until 10, to tell them I got it and thank them. “Uncle” was actually singing a Birthday Song in the background of the phone… This is getting really queer…

Ok, whatever because I appreciate it a lot although it freaked me out totally…


Next thing, as some of you might know, I am holding a Buffet dinner at my chalet on this Sunday at Pasir Ris. For those invited, below is the directions to get there.

  1. Hop on the MRT train and travel to Pasir Ris MRT Station.
  2. Get to Pasir Ris Interchange behind MRT Station
  3. Find 403
  4. Get on 403
  5. Be alert and look out for Elias Road
  6. The bus will make a loop turn at the circle at the end of Elias Road
  7. Get off straight after the circle.
  8. Facing Pasir Ris Park and the sea, turn left and walk straight until you see HomeTeamNS logo
  9. Walk straight into the road.
  10. OPTIONAL: Call me if Lost.

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