PiVes Outing

Posted on: August 26, 2006

Finally the dreaded exams are over today. COST was fine other than perhaps 15 marks and theory flying away…

Whatever with exams now, it’s the holidays! Er, perhaps not because it’s only a month away from SERVE Cambodia 2006 and loads has to be done.

After exam yesterday, I met up with Pwing and Pwong at Cheers. We are going downtown with Plic and Piak. Thanks to nice coordination, we managed to catch Plic and Piak on 154 and down to Bukit Timah Road where we took 174 to Takashimaya.

Plic and I were hungry so we grabbed snacks from Old Chang Kee. We met Gin Ni when we were going into Takashimaya. They had nothing to buy, I wanted to buy a new bag to accommodate my laptop. Pwong suggested going to his friend’s shop at Heeren, CHECK.

When going up Heeren, we met Yan Ping. The whole SERVE Cambodia seems to be here… I got a giant black and white striped Pony bag at CHECK for $62. After getting my bag, we window shopped Heeren and decided to go to Fish & Co. for dinner. On the way, we got Burger King coupons and stopped to ponder if we wanted to change dinner to Burger King but still went ahead for Fish & Co.

We walked all the way from Heeren to Glass House. Usually it would take quite a bit of time and energy but it didn’t this time, perhaps for the company. Piak went to withdraw money at Park Mall where Plic and Pwing decided to play Hide-and-seek…

At Fish & Co., everyone was tired so the table was quite dead. I realised the girls on my opposite table kept peeking over our table so I just kept making eye contact with them… 😛

After dinner, we met up with Yan Ping at Plaza Singapura where we bought low-alcoholic drinks and headed for Esplanade on 111. We found a nice spot by the bay and started playing card games, chatting and drinking. We left at 12 AM and fortunately or unfortunately, there wasn’t any more buses for us to go home… Pwong went off to another bus stop to take his bus while the other four of us waited for NR8 to get us to Somerset where Plic, Pwing and me got on NR3 to go home.

I reached my doorsteps around 1 AM. I called my mom’s mobile to ask her to open up. There was no answer… I called another 4 times, still no… I tried my dad’s mobile, still no… I guess I am locked out…

Resigning to my fate, I went to the lobby and sat on the chairs… I thought, I would either have to sleep here tonight or go to McD at Bukit Panjang Plaza to wait for morning…

I think I rather not stay out… I decided to ring the house phone and press the door bell. Luckily, my maid opened up! I am saved!

After getting in, I went to bathe. My mom had actually switched her mobile to silent mode… No matter how many 100s of calls I make, I would have never got in…


1 Response to "PiVes Outing"

haha.. luckily u ring the bell and call house phone. haha.. if nt.. poor thing. pity u. LOL!. haha..

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