Homeless to Harvard

Posted on: August 10, 2006

The real Liz Murray Homeless to Harvard is a real life story about Liz Murray. Liz Murray grew up extremely poor and her parents were drug addicts. Murray’s mother also suffered from mental illness and AIDS. She was homeless at 15 but instead of crumbling, the troubled teen clung to hope. Her determination took her all the way and by the age of 19, Liz Murray was attending Harvard University.

Homeless to Harvard was a nominee of 3 Emmy Awards. The real Liz Murray (right) was also one of the co-executive producer of Homeless to Harvard.

I had a very fortunate opportunity to watch this superb production on Hallmark Channel last night. I thought it was a very motivating show and I had to share it. Despite all adverse conditions, Liz Murray managed it all.

She worked part time to support herself. She even had notes clipped on the wall in front of her to study while washing the dishes at work. She was very eager about education as she knew that’s the only way that can bring her out of her current situation. She asked on how to improve her A- essay. She was always first to arrive and last to leave school.

If you need something to encourage and empower you during hard times, try looking for this show. 5 / 5


4 Responses to "Homeless to Harvard"

Sounds like a great movie! Gotta catch it sometime. Cheerios!

I watched the movie and it was so amazing. 🙂 Really inspiring and touching… how even though liz was completely down in her life she was never out, and i felt so motivated to study after seeing how hard she studied at her high school. It just made me feel like I’m shortchanging myself sometimes when I procrastinate or don’t do my homework… because achieving one’s fullest potential/going all out would be what liz did… and certainly not what I’m doing now.

I am trying to locate Liz Murray. My agency has a Staff Development day in November and I would like her to speak at our event. Is there a way to get a hold of Liz??

Hi Sharon,
I am sorry but I do not know Liz Murray personally. However,
I visited the website of Guild of St Agnes and thought I have to help with this.

Liz Murray is currently represented by the Washington Speakers Bureau.
You can view her page here.
The only way I found that can find her is through the Washington Speakers Bureau My Speaker File which can be found here.

I hope I was able to assist you. 🙂

All the best,

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