Posted on: August 5, 2006

Today was the WIL-KEYS ceremony at school. WIL is a project by Ngee Ann Polytechnic to help ex-convicts learn IT knowledge and step back to the society. While KEYS is a project by BA CARES which raised a total of $11,000 for the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Student Aid Fund. Being part of the SERVE Cambodia 2006 team, I was sitted in the audience.

After the whole ceremony, those SERVE Cambodia team mates who were present, gathered to take a photo.

I followed Gin Ni, Hwee Yim, Yuan Jin, Jian Zhou, Si Wei and Mr Ng to Mambo Pool after the phototaking. I left for KAP to meet Zhi Kai, after hitting 2 balls in.

Well, I did not study much. Quickly browsed through the first half of IFA before the Poolers came to KAP for lunch. I joined them for lunch and continued to chat, throwing my notes aside and Zhi Kai to study himself…

I guess throwing the notes aside wasn’t a bad idea afterall because that was how PiVes was borned. What’s PiVes, you may ask… The picture shall speak for itself. Basically PiVes contain 5 people with nicknames starting with “P”. From left to right, Plic, Piak, Pwing, Pwang, Pwong.

So how did the names came along? Seriously, this is perhaps the most ridiculous things I have done… It started with Si Wei (Pwong). His original nickname was Yu Wei Si (Merlion). He protested that he is Fat Pig, so he became Fei Yu Wei Si (Fat Merlion). Quite a tongueful, I decided to shorten it to become Phrise.

Phrise then suggested to have me named Pi Wang (Fart King) which was shortened again to become Pwang. Yuan Jin’s Pancake was shortened to become Piak. Hwee Yim was made Pwing, Jian Zhou made Plic and Phrise renamed Pwong to make all the names rhyme to become “Plic Piak Pwing Pwang Pwong”. Now that the names rhyme, there has to be a group name, “PiVes”.

So does it sound stupid or interesting? Want to join us? Please send in an application form, telling us more about you and the Council shall find a “Pname” for you. If the group exceeds 5 people, we are going to change the group name to an organisation name… Perhaps, “The League of Extraordinary P”, “The Order of P”, “United P”, … …

I never met Miss PAK again…


2 Responses to "PiVes"

Yeah!! Add Mabia into our PiVeS lehx.. hahax. Become PixS!! hahax..!! anyways, tt photo only u and Si wei arms ard each other lor! ahem..** haha!!

I was playing along… 🙂
Thank you for your concern…

Anyway, the council has to meet to decide on a Organisation name…
PiXs not nice leh… Make it more Sud Ki… 😛

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