Israelis Innocent?

Posted on: August 3, 2006

So you think the Israelis are innocently defending themselves against Hezbollah’s attacks? Then, you are a victim of the Israelis’ propaganda. Just watch what was really the case for the Israel – Palestine conflict.

Miss Miri Eisen, we all understand Israel is “deeply sorry” for the Qana, Lebanon attack. Yes, I understand that but I do not believe that…

Yes, it was Hezbollah that initiated this war but not the people of Lebanon. The Israel Defence Forces are fighting a war against Hezbollah and not the people of Lebanon. How much Lebanese lives have the IDF taken, in the name of the Hezbollah pursuit? Can you all please differentiate the different entities?

When Hezbollah attacks Israel, it’s a denial of Israel’s existence and terrorism. What about your attacks on Lebanon? The Lebaneses deserve it, for being Arab? How many innocent children, women and civilians are killed by your airstrikes and denied existence? Do the Israeli government have a conscience? Killing innocent lives for political purposes? Life is priceless and it should be held with utmost priority over all other purposes.

So many nations have urged Israel for immediate ceasefire. When you continued your attacks, your motive is clear. Israel is just trying to repeat history. To militarily occupy Lebanese lands like the Gaza Strip and West Bank because the UN could not stop you. Even perhaps, to dominate the Middle East like how Adolf Hitler wanted to rule the World?

Please stop being hypocritical. Stop making excuses. You are just a tyrant in the Middle East. You are trying to justify your every illegal actions to USA and the World, begging for our support to your inhumane and sadistic acts. You claim Hezbollah made an “unprovoked” attack, capturing 2 Israeli soldiers. Do you remember, the Israelis also capture Lebaneses? Is that “unprovoked”?

I always had this impression that Israel, where Jerusalem is, is perhaps one of the most Holy places on Earth. Now I have second thoughts. The land incidentally has the most ridiculous and barbaric people on Earth for threatening to turn Lebanon’s clock back 20 years. I certainly pray for the day Justice is upheld and Israel is grilled!

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