3 Weeks

Posted on: July 28, 2006

In another 3 weeks’ time, it will be the Semestral Examinations again. That will mark the end of my third semester at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, pursuing a Diploma in Accountancy. I am half way through my 3-year occupation at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

People always say, “Time Flies”. Yes, it does, especially in the case of the Modular Education system in Singapore Polytechnics. Before you know it, it’s the end of the semester again. All the lectures, tutorials, projects and stress evanesce for the 7-weeks vacation and return the next semester.

So what exactly have we learnt? I would say quite a lot but not much either because we “touch-and-go”. Week after week, month after month, semester after semester. The cycle carries on. Before we can even root the concepts into our brains, a new topic is commenced. So what exactly have we learnt? How to memorise for exams or the application skills we should learn?

TA08!A year odd ago, I got enrolled at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and was allocated tutorial group, TA08. I met 15 fresh faces at BAOC 05/06 and another 3 when my first semester started. TA08 had 19 students then. We went into Year 2 with 15 left. We, together, are probably identified as the most dormant group. We are probably also one of the most studious groups…

It’s 3 semesters together now and we shared many memories together. We ain’t as close as what other groups seem to be but have more or less enjoyed each others’ company. Perhaps, our lives revolves around each others’? 😛

We are stepping into Semester 4, guess what? We are going to get to select our individual Timetable set. Separation glooms ahead of us. Zhi Wen, Guan Hong and the girls exclaimed their will to stay together. That’s warming to hear… Although it’s mostly due to the fear of going to class and doing projects with unfamiliar people.

3 weeks more and it might well be our last semester together as a whole group. I guess we all need a memory. I cannot arrange for big scale events but Zhi Wen and I am suggesting 2 outings after exams. Ice-skating and BBQ. We really hope everyone will take part… No, I mean you all have to take part.

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