Public Transportation

Posted on: July 24, 2006

All major news sources are reporting about this. Apparently, the Public Transport companies in Singapore are applying for fare increment. The reason behind the application is that the last fare increase in July 2005 cannot cover increasing diesel costs. If the Public Transport Council approves the application, it will take effect in October 2006 and our train and bus fares will increase 1 to 3 cents each trip.

NKF is a privatised Public Trust. SMRT and SBS are privatised Public Transport companies. If NKF has to disclose their accounts to the public, I think our Public Transport companies ought to do so as well.

Basically, our Public Transport companies are definitely not running into the reds. The increasing diesel costs will only lessen their profits. In order to attain the budgeted profit, they have to increase our fares. In simple terms, if they are not making as much as budgeted, they are making a loss. Our Public Transport companies are just not behaving like Public Transport companies. They are operating for profits and not the public welfare…

Just recently, our Taxi fares also hiked. That doesn’t affect everybody but buses and trains… It affects everyone! It’s just a few cents per trip right? If someone makes 2 trips a day, bus and train. It will be 12 cents more and in a month, $3.60 more. It’s not going to affect us too much, isn’t it? According to Statistics, approximately 2 million people travel by public transport. The Public Transport companies are going to earn $86.4 million more annually to cover increasing diesel costs.

Our current fares are like almost $2 per trip now. Can you imagine if the fares increase every year? How much are our fares going to be in 10, 20, 30 years? Are we going to pay $5, $10, $15 for a single trip?

What about our wages? Are they going to increase proportionally or lag behind the fare hikes? Are we going to work to pay for our fares to go to work? Also recently, the Ministry of Manpower released documents showing increasing wage rates in Singapore. Seems to me that they are trying to shut people’s claim that Standard of Living is up but our wages are stagnant. Since our wage rates are increasing with fares, life’s still as before. Isn’t it?

In the first place, how much is true that our wage rates are increasing…? I have never heard my parents having pay raises. I have never heard of anyone around, bringing home more. Perhaps it’s my ignorance. Maybe the adults can correct me on this. Reply to this thread stating, have you received pay raises for the past 6 months. Thank you.

Being Public Transport is our bounded choice, it gives the companies an advantage over us. No matter how much we grumble, we still have to travel. However, being a Public company, they should not exploit this advantage and squeeze us all dry…

I guess, that’s all I have to blabble about…

Let’s proceed to what happened on public transport today. On Bus Service 184, approximately 9.15 AM. An Assumption Vocational School student was about to alight infront of the school. Before alighting, he shouted across to someone at the rear in Hokkien. He insulted and demanded him to get down the bus with him.

Apparently, this student was trying to pick up a fight for whatever reason. They had some verbal exchanges until the AVS student alights and the bus drives away. Darn gangster… Everyone were bamboozled but none did anything. I wonder if the typical Singaporean will do anything if a fight really sparks on the bus…


2 Responses to "Public Transportation"

i can tell you
if spore continues to do such things, like rising fares for alll public transports, taking this peace time for granted, someday PAP would fall.

I have already given them another 30 years…
But I doubt they will need that much…

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