Posted on: July 12, 2006

I was sitting at the bus stop bench, waiting for 184 which I just missed the previous. I messaged Zhi Kai asking what time he ends class tomorrow because I want to catch Pirates of the Caribbean on the opening day.

I closed my Samsung X300 after messaging and looked up. A middle aged man was in front of me. He smiled and waved at me lecherously… I turned away to look for my bus. He walks over to block my view while continuing to look at me…

I am totally lost. I really did not know what to do. I turned back to the front, trying to pretend nothing is happening. I wanted to confirm he was looking at me so I turned back and pretend to look for my bus. I peeked and he was still looking and smiling at me…

Shit! What am I supposed to do? Ask if he needs anything? Scream vulgarities at him? Call the police? What the hell exactly is he doing? I hate being scrutinised from head to toe…

I continued to feign ignorance and he boarded 187 after-which… Thank goodness… Was I just harrassed or what? Either he’s gay, mentally unsound or I don’t know… First time I am getting this and it is done by a MAN?! No no, first of all, I don’t even want to get harrassed…







In a while’s time, I will be going to get my medical declaration signed by a doctor and get a tetanus immunisation for my SERVE Cambodia 2006 trip. I hate needles…

I have to admit I do regret a little signing up for SERVE Cambodia. However, I cannot pull out now. In fact, I am forcing myself to go. I paid the $388, photocopied my passport and am now going to get my tetanus jab.

I am afraid I will miss home, I cannot adapt to doing such community work, I will face difficulities staying there for 15 long days… Nevertheless, I have to go because it is now or never…

4 Responses to "Harrassment"

boy, don’t worry k..im sure you wun regret going for this trip..it will b a wonderful memories for you…JIA YOU!

juz dun care that uncle……..do other thing like listen to song or pretend you have a call or received a message lor…..so easy task……hehe

hey there…Dun worry too much about the trip..went for the YEP trip to Cambodia last yr… although i admit i grown homesick for the 1st few days… Take this opportunity to learn more as u serve the community over there.. u’ll have a whole different perspective when u return.. hope u have fun too… perhaps u’ll grown to miss the place when u return.. appreciate the slow-paced life there.. u’ll hardly get to slower ur pace in Spore… till den…take care…

Yep! That’s why although I regret a little, I am going on with it because I know it will be a worthwhile experience.

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