Overrateds Go Home

Posted on: July 2, 2006

England and Brazil goes home this day at the World Cup 2006.

Overrated Teams…

How I wish England fans would just stop whining about Rooney’s Red Card… Nobody knows what could happen if Rooney stayed in the field… England could have a chance at the goal. Portugal could have a chance at the goal too. Didn’t you know when there’s less people, you can actually coordinate better…

For 2 third of the games, each team manage to hold against each other. I don’t think another third would make much difference and it would still come to the PSO. However, nobody knows for sure what could have happened and the match has already ended down. England is going home, stop whining and cursing the Portuguese because that’s not football.

I am fed up! Fed up with English fans. England LOST, LOST and LOST! PERIOD!

It was Rooney that stepped on the Portuguese’s groin. It was Rooney that pushed Ronaldo. It was the referee’s decision to give Rooney the Red Card. Which fault is it of Ronaldo? So what if it was all preplanned? So what if Cristiano Ronaldo complained to the referee?

In fact, all English fans have no right to comment because they are BIASED (I don’t mean all English fans though… ). Stop using such tactics to cover your humiliation… Would you all mind shutting up and stop making a fool out of yourselves?

How I wish Brazilians played better football… No shot on goal at Half Time. Is this even Brazil? They must be getting cozy in their blankets! The defenders were simply sleeping when Thierry Henry got so near to the goal leaving Dida to deal one on one. Complacency?

You don’t need a team of stars to kick good football… You need a team of psychologically and physically strong players…

Semi Finals

Germany : Italy 4 July

Portugal : France 5 July


1 Response to "Overrateds Go Home"

i like yr entry.. yea.. it’s not abt havin a grp of star players but having a grp of players with team spirit.. like they were playing for each other.. haha..

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