Do we have Time?

Posted on: June 26, 2006

Time never seem to be enough for many of us. Is that really so? Is Time really not enough for us?

I don’t really think so… At least at my current state of life. I am a tertiary student who has a timetable with 24 hours of lessons. Assuming a regular 40-hour working week, me being a student, I have 16 more hours than working adults to do what I want.

There are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have 168 hours a week. Deducting 40 hours of work and 49 hours of slumber, we have 79 hours left to do what we want. Approximately 11 hours a day. That’s almost half of our time! How can that be not enough…?

Honestly, I don’t think any one needs so much free time unless you are on a vacation… Leisure time counts by quality, not quantity. Instead of being a couch potato watching nonsensical TV programmes, why not go do something you will really enjoy?

Do you like Photography? Sports? Reading? Learning new skills? Writing? Hanging out with friends? The list just goes on and you just have to identify the few items you really enjoy.

I have just draw out a time scheme for myself. Slumber 49 hours. School 24 hours. Revision 28 hours. Free time 67 hours. I still feel 67 hours is a lot and my 18th is nearing. I am considering working for my own pocket money. Perhaps Work 12 hours and Free time 55 hours. I think that’s reasonable…

The main determinant of such time schemes is discipline. Today is the first day I am trying to exercise this scheme and I have failed. Other than touching up my FIT project, I have done nothing productive and overran on my free time. Discipline!


1 Response to "Do we have Time?"

When executing this scheme, avoid thinking about the mistakes you’ve made in the past when the scheme had been executed. Discipline will not be necessary – this will be a game of choice… 🙂

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