Retreat-ed at Phuket

Posted on: June 18, 2006

I am back. The trip to Phuket with my family was a true retreat. There was no time to think about things in Singapore because it was a short 2 days 2 nights. All I thought about was what am I going to do there next.

Karon Beach

The thing you go to Phuket for is, of course, the beaches. The family accomodated at Baan Karonburi Resort at Karon Beach. Karon Beach is the second largest beach in Phuket, after Patong Beach. Like all other resorts at Karon Beach, ours was also just a road from the beach.

The breeze and the view were good. The view could have been better, if we could check into 4th floor instead of 3th, where we won't be blocked by some structures infront.

We went to the beach twice. Once after we checked in. Another to play with the fine sands. Karon Beach is a family-oriented beach. It is less rowdy than Patong Beach where all the partying takes place.

Even though Karon is less rowdy, Karon has her own pubs, bars and nightlife. There is also more than sufficient dining options and other facilities. For example, we dined at Wildfire last night while watching Portugal : Iran. We had Thai fried rice and pizzas.

Twice while we were at Karon beach, we were pestered… By dogs, which my father thought wanted to attack my little brother. I think they are just lonely and wanted to find company because they kept following people around…

Patong Beach

We ventured Patong Beach areas on Friday late afternoon. Patong Beach was supposed to be the most crowded place on the island but it wasn't really so. Perhaps due to the wet weather conditions, time of the day, day of the week or the recent Tsunami a year and a half ago…

Venturing Patong, it started to rain heavily. We stepped into a more decent-looking restaurant and have our late lunch/early dinner.

There was this pair of mother and son opposite the small lane. They were selling some souveniors, I think. The whole time I sat there, they had no business. Not even a person took a look at their goods. Yet, they can still continue watching Da Chang Jin on their 17" TV and life goes on… They seem so satisfied and I really ponder about life in Singapore… We could have stressed out by the zero-sale because we cannot fill our tummies, pay our bills, satisfy our unlimited wants so on…

Promthep Cape

Last night, we arrived at Promthep Cape, the southern point of Phuket, to watch the sunset. It was overcast… I couldn't go home without any photos so I took the sun's effects on the clouds instead…

At Promthep Cape, we also met an interesting busker. He was painted in white, head to toe. Here's the video.

Shopping and Travelling

We went shopping around Patong Beach and Central Festival, the biggest Mall in Phuket. We didn't got anything at Patong beach because we knew those sellers will jack their prices up on purpose. You have to cut their prices into half or less, by the way… I guess shopping at Malls would be safer.

The children got their stuff at Central Festival. I got the most, costing a little less than SGD $100 but I got a whole set of clothes. A top, jeans and canvas shoes. It was worth it, isn't it? SGD $100 can only buy a top at TopMan in Singapore, have a fastfood meal and it's GONE!

Travelling-wise, it could be a little troublesome. You have to rack your brains and ask yourself. Is the trip worth the price offered by the taxi driver. There's no such thing as taxi meters… Sometimes taxi drivers can be a bit evil, whereby they give you very high prices, do onboard advertisements for tours, rides and such… Bargaining comes again and you have to learn how to reject pushy offers you are not interested in…

However, we cannot blame the people of Phuket… Business has been bad since the Tsunami in 2004 and I can really see that during the 2 days. Everyone has to make a living. There are more stories to tell on this island that we can see with our own eyes in just 2 days. Definitely going back there in the future.

More pictures HERE.


3 Responses to "Retreat-ed at Phuket"

Wow, phuket looks really fun. Maybe it’s just you good with words (:

Well, holiday going to end soon, try to enjoy the rest of it

nice view ehs.
i wanna go holidays toooOO!
but its already half way thro e 2nd week. DUH.

i really liked the photos displayed here. its really nice ^^.. great pics. especially the scenery. *chuckles* =(^^)=

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