Going to Phuket

Posted on: June 16, 2006

It's 2.30 AM Friday morning and I cannot sleep. I did not do much on Thursday afternoon. Just online to blog and surf around. Watched TV and fell asleep after being awake for just 4 hours.

Woke at 7PM to do some planning and packing for Phuket, dinner and more TV. It was a no-brainer day that's why my brains mingle till this hour of the morning… I wonder if I can stay awake through tomorrow at Phuket…

It's showering outside… I love rain. It would be a downer if it rains at Phuket though. The weather reports are indicating cloudy with thunderstorms through Friday to Sunday.

I would love the sun for once… So many are saying I am fair… Yes, this is my fairest but it's still not fair… Never mind… I will just try to get some darkness on…

Another 2 hours and I shall be on the taxi to Changi Budget Terminal… It better not rain there either… I don't want to walk on a slippery runway, to board the plane wet…

I don't know if I am coming online at Phuket so have a nice weekend…

Ecuador 3 : 0 Costa Rica

I tell you. Ecuador is BO BEH CHAO (No Horse Run, unbeatable)! I really wonder how will Germany fare against them on the 20th…


2 Responses to "Going to Phuket"

Hi there!

I saw a few of your pics from Flickr on my website this morning…reason being I have a Flickr feed pulling in pics with Phuket tags.

If you get here quick you should see your lovely pics of Laem Phromthep adorning my Phuket Earth site, a new site for all things Phuket on Google Earth.

Hope you had or are having a great time in Phuket, but I fear that you will see your fair share of rain this weekend 😦

Hi Simon!

Thank you for visiting Waffle. 🙂

I am back from my short trip to Phuket. Yes, indeed. Showers in Phuket the last two days. However, it was ok. Showers came and gone within short periods of time. It was all good with a brolly around. 🙂 Laem Phromthep was beautiful even though the skies were overcast but I would want to see it in full glory. I will definitely be going back there to explore more.

Your site, Phuket Earth, is looking good. All the best with it and hope to see it become a successful “Phuketr”.

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