Posted on: June 7, 2006

It’s the period of the year when unluckiness strikes like there’s no tomorrow and I can expect a car ramming me over anytime…

For IFA Common Test, I did 5% for 10%. For TAX Common Test, I made the wrong decision of separating Furniture and Fittings out of Total Remuneration. Pour a cup of water, it nearly spilled all over my laptop. Open a Hello Panda packet and it sent the Pandas flying all over…

What’s next…?

I need Luck… Good Luck… But perhaps Common Test mistakes cannot be blamed on luck… It’s my fault… The Sims 2 is a mortal game and it’s only mortal to be addicted. The irony is, I can send my Sim to school to get A+ but I cannot…

Twice when I am writing this post, I am interrupted by some other’s family affairs on the phone… Unluckiness doesn’t even allow me to complain about it here… I took an hour and 45 minutes just to complete this few lines…

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2 Responses to "Unluckiness"

it’s common that bad things dun come singly,
but when ts over u would learn to appreciate more isnt it?
dun fret! dun add wrinkles to ur complexion XD

Yeah lor! Like got sign of pimples but keeping it under control…
Not I don’t want to fret but it’s my future leh… Everything I do now, big or small also will constitute to what I get next time…
My aim is to get as much money ASAP.
I need to go Europe… Maybe not live there for long term but at least experience the life there for a few months… I was thinking of living a nomadic life, going from one European city to another… But I think that’s tiring for someone with a real home to return to…

Still, it’s the money… I don’t want it… But I need it for personal aspiratons… But needs and wants can be conquered if we expect less from ourselves and this world… Oh well…

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