Common Test – 13 days

Posted on: May 21, 2006

It’s 13 days to my common tests. Time really zoomed past as usual. I will be having 4 CT papers among the 5 modules I take. Each paper will be testing on what I have learnt the last 4 weeks and whatever that’s going to be learnt this coming week.

I really am not very sure what have I actually acquired the last 4 weeks… Other than doing my tutorial consistently (which I only selectively do some in Year 1), I have not been doing much revision… 13 days left, I think it’s time to start getting my own notes done… To start, I will need to finish all the tutorials for this week so as to free up time to revise next week…

Swept out of bed at 7.30 AM this morning, the family is going to the Botanic Gardens… It’s just like any other Botanic Gardens day where you get to see the flora and fauna and horny dogs flirting with each other…

No no… Today was a bit more interesting, since we were earlier than usual, we went to the Swan Lake and actually walked more of the Gardens. Then there were Korean babes touring the Gardens as well. They were dressed very well but not so suitable for the Gardens in Singapore… High heels, skirts, makeup… There were a few male dog owners who actually kind of intentionally jogged their dogs towards the Korean babes and the dogs would go skirtchasing or even catch underskirts…

Like Owner, Like Dog…?

Leaving Botanic Gardens, we came to IMM Daiso. Father got me dumbbells…

I was being kinky and bought them in different colours… There wasn’t much of a colour choice either, Black, blue or grey… $2 for each. The family bought some other stuff before heading home…

End of story, back to complete tutorials which I haven’t really started and I want to watch Singapore Idol at 8 PM later… Holy Craps!

6 Responses to "Common Test – 13 days"

Waaaa, dumb bellll, someone macho man…

Nono… Not macho lor…
Because too skinny already that’s why my father buy…


The dumbell sure looks… kinky.

Wrong pronoun used but I didn’t bother to change it… Haha

kink·y ( P )
adj. kink·i·er, kink·i·est

1. Tightly twisted or curled: kinky hair.
2. Slang. Showing or appealing to bizarre or deviant tastes, especially of a sexual or erotic nature: “his appetite for kinky filmmaking, unmitigated by any artistry” (John Simon).

[…] Thanks to Waffle, I’ve been reminded that the Common Test is arriving very, very soon (as of 21st May – 12 days more). As with the past Common Tests, I haven’t hit the books yet, despite saying that “I Will Study”. With a touch of humility, I’d prefer to say that I’m not-so-smart, and all of my passes were achieved by last minute revisions. […]

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