Posted on: May 3, 2006

I have never been into any physical fights before. No punches or kicks. I had never thought I am a violent person until today…

We were in IFA tutorial playing this True or False game. The class was separated into three groups. We all had our share of questions before the remaining questions were open for all to answer. To answer, someone from the groups has to sit on the chair in the middle of the classroom.

There was this question, Eugene and I was standing beside the chair. I was holding a mechanical pencil in my right hand. Eugene has an answer, pushes me to the back of the class. I was sent flying backwards, while I felt my mechanical pencil scratching onto something…

While I knocked onto several furniture, my mind was empty except, “I am so going to kick his ass…”. I regained my balance, went back to the chair. I gave my first ever intentional kick on the chair where his ass would be… It all happened so fast, Mr Lim must have had a shock. He should have thought we were getting into a fight soon… He came forward and put it to a stop.

I went back to my seat and started to feel guilty over the childish act… I shouldn’t had. I shouldn’t had. Even if I was pushed, I shouldn’t had… It made me even more guilty later on, when I saw Eugene had inflicted this long deep cut from my mechanical pencil…

Am I getting really barbaric and violent…? All I thought was kicking his ass instead of calming down… BUT! I guess it was all an accumulated expression and emotion triggered out by that push… It’s accumulated disappointment from his behaviour, people’s views of him and finally his push… There’s nothing I can do but feel disappointed…

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7 Responses to "Violence"

Hey, chill man. I mean, don’t take it to heart. When everything is chill, please do speak to him (: I’m sure you two will be friends again, add oil!

I don’t know what am I going to do. I apologised already and he accepted it but doesn’t seems very friendly…?

hey dickson, dont worry about it. your reaction is very normal to the human race, and as for the scratch, it was an accident as Eugene was the one who pushed you away. So, if someone were to be blamed, its not only you, its both of you ok? dont feel too bad! im sure things will be ok again =)

your a man now. haha.

hey, having the ability to kick somebody’s ass is a gift and a curse.. for either self defence or inflicting pain upon somebody.. all i call say is that violence is not the way to solve problems.. tt’s wad i learn frm rugby.. haha..

Wah….Do things more discreetly next time, like put something sharp on his seat.

Play dirty by playing smart.

2 rugby players have spoken.


ZJ, not 2 but 3 already!

master davio is also a rugby player…

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