Nomination Day

Posted on: April 27, 2006

Nomination Day proceedings for the May 6 General Election took place today. At the end of Nomination Day, PAP was declared winner for 37 of the 84 Parliament seats. This was not enough to for PAP to be the majority and form the next Government.

Of the remaining 47 seats contested, 20 are from the Workers’ Party, 20 from Singapore Democratic Alliance and 7 from Singapore Democratic Party.

Bukit Panjang, where I live, is being contested by SDP’s Ling How Doong against PAP’s Teo Ho Pin. I don’t know about other Parliament seats but Bukit Panjang should be going back to PAP.

I have reasons for making that statement. The residents in Bukit Panjang are convinced that voting for PAP will be of best solution to them. Weeks ago, I believe every home in Bukit Panjang would have received this brochure about developments in Bukit Panjang.

In the brochure, we see covered linkways, ramps, railings, lift upgrading and many other town improvement projects totalling up to 145 of them, costing $8 million. We see the new Bukit Panjang Sports Complex, equipped with basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, swimming pool, gym, sports hall.

Searching Wikipedia about Ling How Doong, he seems rather impressive as well. He might put up a good fight…

Ling How Doong (Chinese: 林孝谆, born c. 1934) is a Singaporean politician. Presently he is the chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party. In 1991 Ling won 51.4% to PAP’s candidate, Dr. Seet Ai Mee who obtained 48.6%, and Bukit Gombak became one of only four constituencies held by the opposition. In the 1997 General Election, Ling lost his seat to the PAP’s Ang Mong Seng by over 30% of the vote, and Bukit Gombak returned to PAP control.

-Quoted from Wikipedia


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[…] Like what I had predicted in an earlier post, Bukit Panjang SMC was won by the PAP with a sweeping success of 77.18%. Sembawang GRC had also a glorious result of 76.7% votes for the PAP. Both SMC and GRC contested by the Singapore Democratic Party, in which won nothing in this GE. I shall not comment more on the SDP. […]

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