I can’t hear you…

Posted on: April 26, 2006

I went to school early today. At first, was supposed to help Christopher with his Library Amazing Race but he finished it when I reached school. Headed to 72 to print my FIT and TAX notes before going down to Canteen 1 where I saw Shu Hui. Sat down for awhile before going off to Library.

Met Shirleen and Limei at the Library. Coincidentally, we were all looking for the same DVD. The Pianist. I borrowed and we went to watch it together.

Me, Shirleen and Limei.

Wonder why there’s a picture right? Digital camera is home yesterday! Are my eyes looking smaller than usual…? I am exhausted trying to convert back to the less than 8 hours sleep.

Left them to continue watching while I go for my Business Law Lecture at LT45. During the lecture, I was very motivated to buy the BLAW textbook. A brand new one because Mr Chang said we cannot use the old edition used by our seniors.

I seriously couldn’t hear what Mr Chang was lecturing most of the time. He seems to be mumbling to the BIT students infront or maybe I have very poor hearing… The terms weren’t very clear to me either, I think I really need to mug the textbook in order to do well…

During the lecture, I also kind of mentally reviewed what I wrote yesterday about Singapore Elections. I had this fear that I will return home to receive an email or lawyer letter. Fortunately not. Logically, a lawyer letter will take a few days to arrive, let’s just wait and hope nothing happens to me…

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