Posted on: April 11, 2006

I set off home around 1.30PM to the Airport. Jeon Ji-hyun is arriving in Singapore today and I am there to meet her and take some pictures.

I reached the airport around 3PM. Strolled through Terminal 2 to see if any other fans has arrived. Apparently, a NTU group was in the cafe since morning.

At around 4.30PM, the Airport staff started to pull in barricades for Belts 31-34 so it was going to be one of these 4 belts. The television showed that SQ871 passengers will arrive from Belt 34 later on.

1829hours came forth, the plane landed. While we wait, I walked around talking to some people who were apparently there for Miss Jeon Ji-hyun. Press were interviewing the fans.

I think I did myself wrong… I seem to be some damn socialite, initating talks to people whom I have never met before. I was avoiding all press cameras as if they wanted to capture me… I am very disappointed in my behaviour… I don’t know why… Some people would say I am good because they couldn’t have even speak to strangers…


Jeon Ji-hyun finally came out of the automatic doors. She was immediately surrounded by TALL bodyguards and press. There was no way for me to get a shot of her… Luckily, some of the people I got to know there have some neat ones… Hope they will share it with me soon. I am disappointed I didn’t even got a shot of her…

Miss Jeon Ji-hyun is as pretty as what we see on press photographs, pictures, internet etc. She didn’t put on an air, she smiled for cameras and signed on her previous movie products.

Although I had loads of disappointment through this, there’s something nice that’s happening… I fortunately got hold of a Gala Premiere Ticket for Daisy tomorrow. 🙂

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have a nice day then=D

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