Poor Physique

Posted on: March 18, 2006

After more than 5 months not exercising, my physique is really bad now… I tried doing pushups and situps. 5 Situps and 3 pushups were all I could do… It’s time to train up abit… No, I mean start training for NS…

First time ever I want to step into a gym and get some work done… I am going to utilise my HomeTeamNS membership card but to use the gym, I need to pay $60 a year… I am poor enough already, where am I going to get that $60…

There’s a gym in school, but it’s dominated by Dragonboaters who are double my size… I would be a joke there… The equipment there are rusty and have grips that smell…

I guess it might be better to pay $60 for fitness instructors, better and cleaner equipment and a better environment… That would be $5 a month. If I can go about twice a week, it would very much be worth it. But can I keep up to such a schedule…?

Shall see about it…

An UAN Update

Apparently, UAN is on a major headhunting exercise. Another of my friend was also approached weeks ago. When this happens, it doesn’t means anything good for those who are approached. What they aiming is your money instead of what they say, to groom you. How many did they actually approached? How much confidence do they have to successfully groom and push these new artistes into the small industry in Singapore?

I have to think thrice now. My doubt and skeptic have returned and I have the feeling of getting conned… That’s something you cannot do to an egoistic wiseman.

The only verdict is Vengeance.

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3 Responses to "Poor Physique"

S$60 a year not tat expensive

u should consider abt it


im crazy=x

Hi Dickson,

I found Your page by chance, as I searched for a hint to put a video from “YouTube” on my WordPress page. I was pleased by the foto of You and Your friends.

I am thinking about Your problem with physics. I was not a good scholar at school in this science, but I regret not to have learned more about it. Nowadays, I read books about the universum as Brian Green (“The Elegant Universum, Superstrings, ..”) and Steven Hawking and I have difficulties to understand them.

Nevertheless I think, You should follow You real interests, that means Your fundamental interests, not caprices.

I wish You all the best

G.Kant from Germany

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