Posted on: March 16, 2006

I think I have some difficulty hearing… Remember the guy that approached me last Friday? He is from United Artiste Networks.

Another guy from UAN, called me around 9.35PM just now. He is arranging for us to meet on Friday 4PM at the studio around Newton Circle.

Upon surfing UAN website, it seems like a big company. Some names like Rosalind Pho and Dawn Yeoh(Ah Li on Channel 8 9PM Shining Star) were from there. I still have no idea why was I approached… What do they want from me…? I guess all will be revealed on Friday… Whatever that has to do with me forking out money, will be rejected face on…

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4 Responses to "UAN"

it starts w/ modelling i guess u can get ur “no” ready cos they will usually ask u to pay for the portfolios n photoshots..
if its one of another kind. i duno.
but best of luck=D

UAN stands for United Artiste Network, it is not those modelling agencies, it is like a company and school for artiste to join classes.

UAN is working very closely with Mediacorp as well..

Hey KM! Thanks for your clarification. School to join classes, meaning they, by right, will ask me to sign up for some classes and give me some promises that might or might not come true…

promises that might or might not come true=/
at least you’ve once tried in that case right!

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