Me? Artiste?

Posted on: March 10, 2006

Like yesterday, I just finished bathing. Had supper at King Albert Park with Nick and Zong Da before coming home. The moment I am typing this, I am having aches everywhere and a growling stomach…

It’s been a slow long day like yesterday. There were more people at the ITShow but seems to be lesser subscribers today… Sales was considered slower than yesterday’s.

I had a bit of improvement, 5 sales as compared to 4 yesterday. I am not sure how much commission I will be getting for this two days but I will just accept any amount above $ 80 since it’s $ 40 basic per day.

I had quite a few easy deals because they already had the intention to subscribe and also thanks to Germaine and Wai Ji over at DMcard who directed customers to me… 🙂

Yesterday, I had a customer who asked if I wanted more part time jobs. Today, I had a stranger who teleported infront of me and started to introduce himself. A guy from Artiste Networks. I am not very sure if I heard it correctly because the hall is rather noisy… He asked if I was interested in appearing in magazines … Then I couldn’t hear the details… It was too noisy, and I was simply tired.

I told him, I am not interested but it’s ok and acceptable for me… I gave him my number and asked that he avoid contacting me on Monday due to SC meeting. I hope, I didn’t brush off my chance of getting rich without studying… He said nice meeting me and disappeared briefly after…

I am still quite in a shock… First, I don’t understand why am I approached. Second, is he really from Artiste Networks? I am too shocked to think properly and ask for his identification. Could he be looking for a gay partner? Or asking in place of someone else…? Could he be like any other talent scouts that ask people to sign up for this and that before they can do this or that…?

Well, I guess I should just push this to the back of my brain since I am not even sure if he is calling back… Now, I feel the itch in my heart, am I really not interested… Haha~

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5 Responses to "Me? Artiste?"

that person is gay la. hahaha

wah cool.
dun forget me when u become popular=D
hahas. aniwaes, jiayou for ur work XD

Still haven’t call yet… Scaly just some scam…

think positive!
the person must be too busy with work afterall its weekdays now. XD

Tuesday already, still no news… I guess can stop waiting already…

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