First Sales

Posted on: March 9, 2006

Just finished bathing after a long long day… I am working at the ITshow in Suntec Convention Centre for this two days. Thursday and Friday. This is the first time in my life I am doing Sales… I guess, a brand new experience. 🙂
Time went quite slow today, 5PM was like 7PM to me… I totally lost track of time being stuck in the Exhbition Hall, going for one toilet break and 30-min “lunch” break only… Why “lunch”, because I had it around 6PM…?

Sales was brisk for my colleagues while mine staggered afew in the late afternoon and evening. Well, I don’t really mind getting sales or not. I am there to pastime, gain experience, know people afterall… Money is just secondary…

In total, I had 4 sales today. Two 1-year subscription, One 2-year subscription and another subscription for another publication in the same company. I am satisfied since I have done my job of promoting the magazine and also my purpose of passing time…

There are nice and also not-so-nice people around. I had one who took awhile to decide but at the end, he asked if I wanted any part-time job, so I gave him my contact number… There’s another who said, he wants to take my sample copy of the magazine to browse while he look for his son, and even threatened not to buy if I don’t allow him to do so… It’s Sales, you meet all kinds of people.

I think I am rather happy with myself today. I said “Thank you” countless times, smiled at people I never knew… It seems that 2 semesters of Poly Life has somehow “opened” me up.

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5 Responses to "First Sales"

Uncle, you doing what magazine one? I go down and visit you tomorrow….I this show not working lol…

hey, got lobang, tell me leh, i need money!!!!

Sharon > Don’t have lobang… My friend introduced me one… Not I find one…

hahas. i had a hard time when i was taking the m1booth part time job selling the cards too. sososososo mnay ppl asked n didi not buy n in the end even says “singtel is better, they offer better prcies” =.=
n do take care! =D

i worked in the PC show last year (or was it e yr before tat?), and it was VERY tiring.. i can empathize with you.. It isn’t unusual to have lunch at such a late hour but it can be bad for the health..

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