Il Mare (2000) KR

Posted on: March 5, 2006

Cast : Jeon Ji-Hyun, Lee Jung-Jae
Directed :Lee Hyun-seung
Writers : Kim Eun-Jeong, Yeo Ji-na

Eun-ju(Jeon Ji-hyun) is moving out of her seafront apartment named “Il Mare”, which means “the sea” in Italian. She leaves a Christmas card for the next tenant. In the card she wishes the new tenant Merry Christmas, welcoming him/her to Il Mare. Eun-ju has another reason for leaving the Christmas card: she is expecting an important letter, and leaves her new address so that the new tenant can re-direct her mail. At the end of the card she signs her name, and dates the card 1999.

Sung-Hyun(Lee Jung-Jae) moves into an empty house, he lays a block to spray the name of the house that he has just called home “Il Mare”. He discovers the card that Eun-ju has left behind, and is confused by the letter as he is currently in 1997. He writes back to Eun-ju, politely suggesting that she may have made a mistake as he is the first tenant of Il Mare, and he is unable to assist her in her request, and dates the letter 1997.

After further correspondence, both Eun-ju and Sung-Hyun realise that they are corresponding on same dates but over 2 different time dimensions, aided by the magical mailbox. And both embark on an amazing journey together.

Source : spcnet.tv

I have watched this on TV and VCD before. I have the VCD but the quality isn’t too impressive. I chanced upon the BT DVD-rip. Downloaded and watch this movie starring my favourite girl, Jeon Ji-hyun, again for the 3rd or 4th time.

Eun-ju : 我们备受折磨,是因为爱情继续,而不是因为爱情消失。 We are suffering because love continues and not disappear. Sung-Hyun : 爱过而失去总比完全没爱过好。。。 Losing what you have once loved, is better than never to love before…

The whole movie did have some tear-jerking moments but was subtle. It doesn’t make you cry out loud but gives your emotions a roller coaster ride. This is another Korean masterpiece I recommend to everyone. 5/5!

This movie is going to have a Hollywood remake, The Lake House, starred by original Speed cast. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. The Lake House is scheduled for June 2006 release.

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4 Responses to "Il Mare (2000) KR"

omg i watched this movie last time too!borrowed from a friend and i loved it. hahaha eh send me again leh

hey! this movie loooks nice. how long ago was it? haha. lend me! LOL

It’s around 95 minutes show if I remember correctly.
I don’t have the Hard copy, Soft Copy only…
Next time you come with your iPod. 316MB. 🙂

hi i just saw the lake house and it was superb! however, it made me curious about the original korean il mare…could you please lend me the soft copy? can u send it to me perhaps?

thanks a lot.

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