NUS Accountancy

Posted on: February 10, 2006

THE National University of Singapore (NUS), which gave up its accounting programme in 1987 to the then Nanyang Technological Institute, will now offer its own accountancy programme in August.

Now instead of SMU and NTU, I have another alternative to get a Bachelor of Accountancy Degree at NUS.

POLYTECHNIC graduates from the class of 2005 fared better than their seniors when it came to landing that first job.

When the graduating cohort of 9,766 students hit the job market around May last year, 91.4 per cent got a job, either full-time or part-time, within six months, up from from 90.5 per cent in 2004.

Their average monthly salary of $1,659 was also slightly more than the $1,618 in 2004. Both indicators are in line with the national trend with unemployment now at a four-year low.

Now, does that mean being a Polytechnic Diploma holder would be sufficient? Not really, that tiny bit increase in salary should have problems covering up inflation…

Source : The Straits Times Interactive.


4 Responses to "NUS Accountancy"

its just a pretty picture when compared to the rest.
thanks for linking me too!
i’ll link u back

gosh, saw wrongly. now i feel stupid.
*hides head*
how come i cannot delete my comment one..

cheahchuwen > What did you typed wrong? Haha~ I did linked you in my Blogroll just that my Blogroll only displays 5 random from the entire list each time. 🙂

Or is it something else that is wrong?

oh it just displays 5? hah i didn’t quite figure that it worked on a random basis. now i feel even dumber.
anyway regarding your entry on undergrads, well, they’re aren’t exactly the ‘cream of the crop’. meet them in person and u’ll be utterly disgusted how 3rd world they can be. stuck-up, whiny, and myopic in thinking. not everyone is like that, but i do know a fair size of such wimps.

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