Posted on: December 20, 2005

Met up with Sean, his sister, Pey Shy and Min Hui today at Causeway Point. We were going to watch Perhaps Love. We bought our tickets then went to Gelare as they haven’t had their lunch. It’s Tuesday, HALF-price day!~

After Gelare, headed back to Cinema where we got our snacks and drinks. I am lazy to introduce the movie. Why not you read it up here?

Personally, I think the movie is shot very well. It has a very good script and storyboard. HOWEVER, it’s not a movie that is enjoyable to everyone. It’s a love story, everyone have different views about them. Not everyone will agree to whatever happens in a love story. Furthermore, the way it is shot, it’s untraditional. Presenting the story through a Musical style which is similar to Moulin Rouge. I will not compare the two together as they themselves are different. 4/5.

Chinese News Report praising Perhaps Love
Sean’s Post on Perhaps Love

Let me quote some lines from the movie…

-林镇东 (金城武饰)

Those lines, truly and accurately reflects my feelings… Our female leads, follows other males just for incentives. In his case, 孙纳 (周讯饰) is a girl desiring to be a star and hooks on directors to get movie roles. In my case, she goes around “making” friends with guys that will help her with her homework, projectwork and any other chores.

I really despise such people but I had fallen in love with such before… And to love someone I despise, I despise myself, my judgement… That was one of the mistakes I had made, as stated in 谦虚 post. The difference is, she loves him but she doesn’t loves me. I am just one of her many “directors”, the one getting taken advantage of…

Like the movie, I believe, she isn’t what she seems to be… She’s doing it for something that she wants, which is good results. However, at the end of the day, I am just another “director” and not her true love that she will return to… I know I have been revolving this issue for a very long time, it’s time to move on…

-林镇东 (金城武饰)

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4 Responses to "如果.爱"

yOyO. haa. had fun yesterday. yeah. the movie was great too. didnt regret watching it. haa. see you later.! =)

ah boy, time to move on…dun dwell about the past..rem the sweet memories,kip the old one in the bag n move on..u will feel happier this way

gracey > Yeah lor, no point being upset over someone like this one la… Unworthy…

But in the end she didn’t return to Jin Chen Wu. She returned to Zhang Xue You. The greatest love story is always the one that doesn’t live happily ever after.

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