True or False?

Posted on: November 27, 2005

Dead or Alive?

Good or Bad?

Questions to Harry Potter series. I have finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, after a LONG 4 months after purchase. I am guilty over the fact that I took this long.

Dumbledore murdered. Dead or alive? Snape killed Dumbledore. Good or bad? I definitely have my doubts on them. Why did Dumbledore plead Snape before his death? Was it all pre-planned? Was it Dumbledore’s will to sacrifice for brighter futures? For the trust of the Dark Lord to be put on Snape? Or was Snape just plainly the loyal servant of Voldemort? Thanks to Genelle, there’s a website with speculations of Dumbledore’s death and the true heart of Snape. Click here.

Who’s the R.A.B that was earlier than Dumbledore to seize the Horcrux of Voldemort? Full of mysteries to be uncover in the next instalment and Holey knows when is it coming out…

I am so tempted to read the whole series again. I think I am going to get myself the whole set and read till I am 99 or maybe my deathbed… Christmas’s coming, HP books are dirt cheap now. Go read my Wishlist, ok? 😛


2 Responses to "True or False?"

i remembered reading a web, to prove the dumbledore’s not dead. hahas.
but i cant remember it now. they supported it w/ evidence fr the bk itself, hints n such. LOl.
but who noes.

OH. didnt read properly. ya.. its tt web. -.-“

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