Goblet of Fire

Posted on: November 25, 2005

After school, headed down to Cineleisure. Watching GoF with Nick and Zong Da. Miraculously, there were tickets for 6.10PM Digital but those two are taking their own sweet time to come downtown. Missed it. Watched the normal 7.20PM one. Had a bite before movie at B1.The movie successfully convinced me that GoF is the best book in the series. I had a hard time imagining when reading. Now I have a good idea from the movie. Alot of negative comments on the movie since it’s open. I personally think it is very fast-paced. Very summarised, many cut-offs. Watching the movie won’t tell me the whole book. And the part about Quidditch World Cup, c’mon, you don’t even show us how the professional players play… And did the Irish win? How?

“Kill the spare!” Voldemort ordered… Short but impactful, I would say. The part when Cedric was Avada-ed by Wormtail. I felt a surge of sorrow. I felt like a Dementor attacked me. I stopped breathing that whole scene until Cedric was back at Hogwarts, DEAD!

Not much of a character development because few of the mains were more like extras. Cho, Fleur and Krum appeared like so little times, with that few lines… I guess there are just too many people, not much of a choice for a 157min production…

Rating : 3.8/5.

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1 Response to "Goblet of Fire"

ya lo.
it’d be great to add in more details,
but the visual effects were great, at least.. to me. XD

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