LMS Completion

Posted on: November 23, 2005

Finally, LMS project has successfully came to an end. The video went smoothly but I should have done the LONG conclusion in class instead of boringly reciting it through on video… I hope it didn’t pull our grades down…

After LMS, went town with Projectmates. Bao Yi, Debbie, Jasmine and Li Kian. We went shopping at Heeren then food at Friends Cafe at Cineleisure… And then, all hell broke loose… Debbie started her photo-taking spree… A total of 51 photos were taken but obviously I cannot post them all here… Just the few notable ones…

Group Photo

CHEERS!~ Wait… What’s that face doing there!~ ARGH!~

Chicken Little


The sky’s falling!~

After food, went to Takashimaya, Wisma. Debbie and Jasmine went on a Shopping Spree now… After that, I had to leave because my mom’s coming and my dad’s coming to fetch us… I heard that those two shopped till nearly 10pm and bought a number of clothes… Goodness… And I already lost count how many times Debbie beat me up today… From hitting, to pinching ears… She hit me because I told her we are not going town and she wore shorts… She pinched my because I said “Starsucks”… Then I had to walk into all the ladies wear shops… Debbie said training me to shop with my girlfriend… o_0 As if I will and can get one…

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5 Responses to "LMS Completion"

LOL. training to shop w/ gf sia.
HAHAS. foc somemore. XD
but.. isnt tt abit.. crap. LOl.

Aiya, she’s crappy la… Then still have to cunna beaten up by her…

u got gf? who is she? got pic of her?

which type of girl u like? just ask!!! no other mission.

No la… Where got gf… No one wants me…

I like… Eh… Actually I also don’t know… I like Sassy Girl…
My standards are quite high la. It’s hardly I would say a girl is pretty… But usually, I don’t like girls that I say are pretty… Haha!~ I like those that are average(according to my standard la… ) See, I so choosy… Difficult to have gf la…

wahlauuu kor. never tell me you changed link. HAAHHAHA. actually. i also didn’t tell you i changed my link also. to, http://jolene.at.tt 🙂 hahah. take your time to visit mine too okay ? HAHAHAH. you said you don’t want to move one ):

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