My Laptop Sleeve

Posted on: November 7, 2005

Today, I am going to feature my new laptop sleeve. Well, it’s not that new afterall. It’s just a ‘recycled’ bag I used to carry. The bag’s sling is broken and my father’s still fixing it… It’s the nth time we try to repair it… Oh well, I just hecked the sling and convert it into my laptop sleeve. I was just being adventurous and slip my laptop into it and found that it fits nicely with nice compartments to put my adaptor, mouse, CDs etc… My my, isn’t that just briiliant… Now, to the pictures!

Bag Packed.

Bag Unloaded. Two front pockets for mouse and adaptor.

Internal compartments to put CD, thumbdrives etc.


5 Responses to "My Laptop Sleeve"

i yst tried to comment but wad page not found=(
recycle! yea. u’re saving e earth. HEE.

Yah lor… I don’t know what’s going on also… My friend’s WordPress also cannot… ARGH!~ It’s giving me darn loads of problem… But I already moved, cannot move too often…

Nice idea but it does not seem thick enough to be able to protect your laptop though.

nice bag there … can i have it !

moe > Yep, it’s quite thin material, so have to be extra careful. Since it’s a arm-carry, there isn’t any problems yet…

kuncen > Haha!~ NO!~ Maybe you can go to Bangkok Ma Boon Krong or whatever it’s called and have a look. My mum told me there’s TONS of bags there…

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