Posted on: November 6, 2005

Sorry, I haven’t been blogging for the last three days. Just didn’t feel like it. Nothing particular to blog about. School is as usual. I just cannot start those engines. I stuck myself…

I have been asking myself, why am I working so hard for? The answer? Money. I realised I have been enslaved by money already. I have been working hard in hope of getting a decent Poly Grade Point Average(GPA) to enter a University. I want to go to a University to get a degree which will give me a better paying job. With a better paying job, I have more freedom with what I want to buy. I won’t be unhappy over things that I cannot buy because I am poor. Does this means Money can buy my Happiness?

This is not what I want. Money to deter my Happiness. Why am I seeing money as such a heavy and severe factor in Life? If this is so, I will never be happy at all… So what am I supposed to do now? I don’t have to work hard since I should be happy regardless of having a diploma or a degree, being richer or poorer… So should I just stop working hard because there’s no point? Or find a purpose to keep trying to do well in studies? Wait, what defines my so-called Happiness…?

Is monkhood the only way to get out of this competitive, materialistic, paper-conscious,(Open for comments) world?


5 Responses to "Enslaved"

being materialistic n paper-conscious is nth surprising, in this practical singapore.
of cos money cant buy happiness, like its know, $ can buy a house, but not a home.
“qian bu shi wan neng, ke shi mei qian jiu wan wan bu neng”

i’d say sufficient is enuff.
live life to the best! =)) do wad we want.. heee. earn wad we need. keep things simple!

I think, I should just blindly do… Blindly study… At least it’s a direction that would never go wrong… I would just continue doing without any so called purpose… Something good bound to happen after all… I guess, I should learn to stop thinking too much and trying too hard…

hahas, but w/o a target, its rather hard to really get started you see,
its gd to aim for something, like in ur case to get into uni to become a financial controller[or smth lidat de horhs.]

u can cont to work hard[n smart! dun tired urself too muc^^] and yes, take a gd break occasionally to see whether you’ve find ur goal/aim in life, where in this case u wont regret cos u’ve got[or at least promise] urself at least a dip!

HMMM. am i making sense? LOL!
better get back to my ss. hee.

i guess $$ is only part of your goal.. study something you are interested in..

rui > Go study, I tell you. I am safe and sound. Nothing will happen to me even at the most depressed times… Thanks. 😀

jiapei > Money is not my goal… I don’t want to work for money. And be enslaved by it, like what I said…

Personal addon > Currently, I think, since I am given the chance to study, I should just take the chance and of course do well in it. That’s my basic aim for me. Whatever happens next, think at a later date I guess… That should appease myself for awhile… 🙂

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